Hire Purchase

Financing with ownership in mind.

Hire Purchase is a simple and effective solution to put you in the driving seat of your dream Mercedes-Benz.

After making your initial down payment, you pay for the remaining value of the car in monthly installments that include interest. We fix the interest rate so that you are always aware of your monthly instalments as they remain the same throughout the finance term.

As the resale value of a Mercedes-Benz is usually quite high at the end of your finance contract, it makes your car especially valuable as a trade-in on your next Mercedes-Benz.

Here are some reasons why financing benefits you:

  • You are building equity towards ownership.
  • You can sell your Mercedes-Benz at any time, on your own terms.
  • When you buy, you can modify your car any way you like with non-factory accessories. Modifying a leased car is not permitted, unless they are factory-approved options installed by the authorised dealer.

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Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator

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