Engines, transmissions, axles

A single driving force

Featuring reliable, high-torque 4- and 6-cylinder engines as well as gearshift systems, transmissions and axles perfectly suited to each kind of use, the new Atego offers the best conditions for particularly economical operation. Delivering optimum performance, six high-performance Euro V engines in the new Atego extract the very last drop of power from the fuel fed to them. And they do so with the environment in mind thanks to BlueTEC®, the SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz. For example, by generating reduced CO2 emissions and very low nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulate emission levels. The engine programme ranges from 115 kW to 210 kW, with maximum torque levels of up to 1120 Nm possible from engine speeds as low as 1200 rpm. <br /><br />Three powerful, weight-optimised and perfectly configured 6-speed transmission systems (optionally available with the Telligent® automated gearshift) enable engine power to be transferred to the road with minimal loss. With the 188 kW and 210 kW engine variants, this is done by a hydraulic-pneumatic 9-speed direct-drive transmission. The low-noise, low-maintenance drive axles have a positive effect on fuel consumption. And boasting a large number of different ratios, they deliver optimum drive configurations with which to successfully tackle virtually all kinds of operations.<br />