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"Truck of the Year 2011" – the new Atego and the Atego BlueTEC® Hybrid

The proof is in the medal. Commercial vehicle journalists throughout Europe have crowned the new Atego 12 tonne vehicle (in combination with the enhanced Atego BlueTEC® Hybrid) "Truck of the Year 2011". This award is highly prestigious in the industry. It is presented annually and is given to the vehicle that has made the most significant contribution to economy, exhaust emissions, safety, drivability and comfort in road haulage.

"Generations" 2011 Commercial Vehicle Calendar

"When I grow up, I want to be a Highway Hero!" This is still the dream of many boys and girls. That’s why this year’s calendar celebrates not only the proud parents who shoulder a great responsibility on the road every day. It is also devoted to their children, who already nurture dreams of getting behind the wheel. Photographer Martin Schöller has captured the emotions of these two generations in a stunning series of twelve authentic black and white images. It shows the irrepressible pride of the parents and the admiration of their children. It also portrays the fascination of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, which is defined by complete reliability – every day, every month, every generation. As in the previous year, the 2011 Commercial Vehicle Calendar is also available as a screensaver for your PC or MAC. Download the calendar by following the link in the link list.

Smarter and more economic: the new Atego

With a low kerb weight, high economy and a wealth of new equipment details, the new Atego for short-radius distribution and the building materials industry of 6.5 t and above is sure to put smiles on faces. Thanks to its exterior appearance, including a new radiator grille that further enhances its looks. And thanks to its inner values such as excellent ergonomics and build quality as well as a high-quality feel. Not least the standard-fit multifunction steering wheel, also optionally available in leather, the newly designed seats, which now include integrated head restraints*, or the new, optionally available stowage facilities and compartments for the engine tunnel.

Engine start/stop system

Making it easier to save fuel – the new Atego can be optionally equipped with an engine start/stop system** in conjunction with manual transmission. The system stops the engine if the vehicle is stationary for more than three seconds, the transmission is in neutral and the clutch pedal is not depressed. As soon as the driver depresses the clutch pedal again, the engine starts up automatically once more. This not only reduces the environmentally harmful CO2 emissions; it also enables fuel savings of up to 3%. But it does even more: in addition to the economic and ecological benefits it provides, the engine start/stop system lessens noise pollution in city centres and reduces exhaust gas emissions.

Two drive systems, one goal: sustainability

The Atego BlueTEC® Hybrid*** turns every journey into an economy drive. This series-production vehicle generates low CO2 emissions and can save 10% to 15% in fuel consumption. These figures are possible thanks to a combination of drive systems: A high-efficiency diesel engine and a high-torque electric motor.

BlueTecEco. Save fuel. Help protect the environment

And because every drop of fuel is precious, we at Mercedes-Benz have put together a package of measures to increase economy and sustainability in equal measures: BlueTecEco. It contains vehicle technology that makes our trucks particularly efficient; as well as seminars, training and advice that will benefit both your bank balance and the environment.

* The head restraints are still mounted separately on the folding rigid seat for the co-driver's side and on the optionally available centre seat

** Available as an option for Atego in conjunction with manual transmission

*** Production start: from end of 2010