Engines, transmissions, axles

Top performer for heavy-duty operations

We want the Actros to meet your performance expectations. That's why we've equipped it with virtually everything you need to make heavy-duty operations easier: from powerful engines to application-based transmissions, gearshift systems and axles – as well as a host of technical details. The Actros boasts nine durable, high-performance BlueTec® 5 V6 and V8 engines, which set standards in terms of economy with their low figures for fuel consumption. particulate matter emissions and CO2 emissions.
A range of transmission systems and the 12 or 16-speed Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated gearshift for long-distance transport or 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift off-road for use in construction work in combination with application-based drive axles to ensure that power is transmitted to the wheels without loss.