Sets standards: the Actros

Outstanding reliability and economy, impressive driving and living comfort and exemplary safety – these are the key attributes with which the Actros sets standards.
The Actros excels with an ergonomically designed workplace and great freedom of movement, and sets standards in practicality, comfort and equipment – from the precise steering and graphics-capable instrument cluster to the comfort bed at the bottom. There are also numerous other practical features included as standard, such as a towel holder and shaving mirror, providing additional comfort for long-distance transport.
Thanks to the Actros you’re also sure to find yourself travelling down a particularly economical route, thanks to features like its highly reliable, frugal BlueTec® 5 engines or the standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated gearshift for long-distance transport or the optional 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift off-road automated gearshift for use in construction. In addition an exemplary array of safety equipment plus optional driver assistance systems mean yet more safety and comfort on the road.