Robust, durable and ideal for mounting bodies – the frame

A tough cookie

The requirements of the frame in the subsidiary construction sector are both challenging and highly varied. That’s why the new Atego is built to cut a great figure on the construction site – and in city traffic. The new Atego features a robust frame that is equal to the demands of everyday operation. The frame members are available in thicknesses 5.0 and 7.0 mm depending on vehicle model. This ensures a high bending strength and torsional rigidity.

This frame offers the new Atego optimum protection against rust: Holes. Together with cathodic dip priming, they protect against corrosion to the Atego frame. Thanks to the 50 mm hole pattern, no further drilling is necessary when mounting attachments and other units, such as tanks, exhaust systems and batteries. Bodies can therefore be pre-assembled and fitted in next to no time. This reduces downtime at the body manufacturer’s workshop and ensures that the frame’s corrosion protection is not damaged. These are the factors that maximise a truck’s service life.

The new optional chassis protective seal is an effective means of corrosion prevention for the chassis and detachable frame components. The transparent protective film allows you to visually check the metal surface and read the nameplates.

Body mounting is made supremely easy with the standard-specification body manufacturer's interface as it does away with the need for time-consuming cable routing, thereby providing a means of connecting up all electrical systems quickly and easily.