Safety has a home.


Safety has a home.
A Mercedes is driving along a road basked in sunshine and lined with trees.
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Service differentiation introduction

Service differentiation introduction.

Service differentiation introduction

Service differentiation introduction.

Be assured of a driving experience as exceptional as you are. At Cycle & Carriage, we want to take that unbeatable experience beyond the road. Sharing with you three distinctive servicing paths, each uniquely crafted to cater to your needs – Personal Consultation, Express Servicing and Collect & Return.

Service differentiation

Service differentiation.

Service differentiation

Service differentiation.

Mercedes-Benz Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

Mercedes-Benz Express Service

Express Service

Mercedes-Benz Pick Up Service

Pickup / delivery

Mercedes-Benz Digital Report

Digital Report

Service contracts and packages

Service contracts and packages.

Service contracts and packages

Service contracts and packages.

    • Service contracts
      • StarCare +

        StarCare + Maintenance Plan

        My Star Treatment Extended


        For optimal driving performance and comfort, always be sure to provide your Mercedes-Benz with the care that it deserves. Bearing that in mind, even after your 3-year warranty is up, it is still strongly advised that you bring your vehicle to qualified specialist workshops such as Cycle & Carriage. This is to ensure your car undergoes maintenance work of the highest professional standards, which translates into savings in the long term.

        At Cycle & Carriage, you can rest assured that your vehicle maintenance cost is kept economical with our Star Care+ Maintenance Plans. Available with two options (Standard Package and Elite Package); the Star Care+ Maintenance Plan covers the host of services listed below.

        •  Checking and adjustment of wiper spray nozzle
        •  Checking and correction of tyre pressure
        •  Checking and top-up of batter water (if applicable)
        •  Checking and top-up of brake fluid
        •  Checking of engine coolant level
        •  Checking and top-up of windshield washer fluid
        •  Short Test (by XENTRY solutions)
        •  Tyre rotation
        •  Engine compartment wash
        •  Inspection of brake pads
        •  Inspection of horn
        •  Inspection of lighting system
        •  Inspection of seat belts
        •  Inspection of seat belt buckles
        •  Inspection of tyres
        •  Inspection of windshield wiper blades
        •  Lubrication of hinges
        •  Lubrication of locks
        •  Replacement of Mercedes-Benz approved fully synthetic engine oil (supplied directly from oil company)
        •  Replacement of engine oil filter
        •  Service system reset - XENTRY Solutions
    • Service packages
      • Paint Protection

        Mercedes-Benz Paint Protection System

        My Paint Protector


        Our Mercedes-Benz Paint Protection System is an advanced paint-protection technology that works perfectly with Mercedes-Benz paint. This gives the paintwork optimum protection and reduces the level of dust, insect, bird droppings and road grime adhesion.

        Most importantly, our paint-protection system makes it effortless to wash and remove stubborn dirt stains, therefore saving you time and effort in maintaining your car’s Nano paintwork.




        • Works perfectly with genuine Mercedes-Benz Nano Paint work
        • The super-transparent sealant enhances the paint’s colour brilliance
        • Provides optimum protection for vehicle paint
        • Short hardening time of just one hour. Other technology requires up to 24 hours
        • Complements the scratch-resistant Mercedes-Benz Nano Paint and enhances its durability
        • Prevents oxidation of paintwork and improves chemical and mechanical resistance
      • A/C Chemical Wash

        Air-Conditioning Chemical Wash

        My Comfort Zone


        Importance of Air-conditioning Maintenance

        Continuous re-circulation of the air inside the cabin, cigarette smoke and dust, combined with high humidity causes foreign particles and bacteria to accumulate on the evaporator. Over time, this results in unpleasant smells inside your car. For a fresher, cleaner feel, service your car’s air-conditioning system on a regular basis. The following are some of the other benefits:

        • Reduced particle and bacteria ingression within the vehicle.
        • Improved efficiency for the air-conditioning system.
        • Deodorising of air-conditioning system.



        Three Essential Steps

        User Information

        •  Recommendation: Air-conditioning system should be serviced every 30,000 km or 1 year, whichever comes first.
        •  It is highly advisable to change the air-conditioning filter on top of purchasing the Air-Conditioning Chemical Wash.
        •  A clean air-conditioning system will promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of air-borne diseases.
        •  Other works done on separate order, if necessary, would be charged accordingly.
      • Brake Pads / Discs

        Brake Pads / Discs Replacement

        High braking power for short braking distances.

        On guard. As always.


        At Mercedes-Benz we have set ourselves the goal of making your mobility safer. That's why we build vehicles that not only accelerate swiftly from 0 to 100 but also swiftly go from 100 to 0. To achieve this, we are constantly further developing our brakes and subjecting them to comprehensive tests. With Mercedes-Benz genuine brakes you can be certain that all components are perfectly matched – from brake linings and discs to brake fluid and including safety systems such as ABS, BAS, ESP® etc. This ensures a short stopping distance and also prevents braking performance from fading during repeated braking.

        Mercedes-Benz | Genuine Parts - Brakes
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      • Suspension


        Safe and secure, whatever may come.


        Stop-and-go traffic in the city centre, cornering on mountainous roads or smooth cruising on the motorway – we may not know where you're driving in your Mercedes, but we do know that your suspension needs to get you there safely.

        That's why the Mercedes-Benz genuine suspension is designed to exhibit good steering characteristics and safe road holding even when carrying heavy loads. This not only enhances ride comfort but also improves your safety. To guarantee this, we don't distinguish between manufacturing parts for standard production and as replacement parts. All suspension parts are manufactured using the same tools and quality standards. So that you'll always be safe and secure on the road, wherever you are.

        Mercedes-Benz | Genuine Parts - Suspension
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      • Filters


        No more problems with allergies.


        Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief – Mercedes-Benz is the only vehicle manufacturer whose passenger cars have received the seal of quality from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). To keep the interior of your Mercedes as friendly as possible to allergy sufferers, there is the patented, ECARF-certified Mercedes-Benz genuine interior air filter. It provides reliable protection against pollen, dust and soot particles and even filters out the finest particulate matter.

        Allergies have no chance – as long as you replace the filter regularly. The patented guide shafts in the filter ensure optimum dimensional accuracy and a perfect seal in the air conditioner housing.

        Those who don't suffer from allergies, too, benefit from the added safety of a Mercedes-Benz genuine interior air filter: the cleaner air allows them to maintain their concentration for longer, and the risk of accidents due to drowsiness is reduced.

        Mercedes-Benz | Genuine Parts - Filter
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      • Engine and oil

        Engine and oil

        Keep your engine at the top of its game for longer.


        The engine is the heart of your Mercedes-Benz. To keep it running along with your vehicle over a long life span, all its components are perfectly matched – from spark plug to engine air cleaner, and from fuel and oil filters to antifreeze and V-belt.

        Outperform, outlast, outshine: Mercedes-Benz Engine Oil – Mercedes-Benz original.
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        Those who build engines also know how to keep them in good shape: with Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil and Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters.

        The fully synthetic oil optimises their output figures, provides reliable lubrication for every circumstance and, in combination with the oil filter, extends engine life. It reduces consumption and protects the environment. Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil was specially developed for Mercedes-Benz engines – by the experts who built your engine: by us. This also enhances your engine's safety.

      • Windscreen wipers

        Windscreen wipers

        A clear view when you really need it.


        Rain, snow or soft hail – not a problem with Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers. They are optimised for the entire wiper system and ensure a clear view without any streaks – even at high vehicle speeds and long periods of operation. A specially developed rubber blend makes them particularly smooth and economical. The Mercedes-Benz star on the wiper end cap distinguishes it as a genuine Mercedes-Benz part and emphasises its high quality.

        You can see when you need to replace your windscreen wipers by checking the maintenance indicator integrated. When it changes from black to yellow, it's time to replace the wipers. The patented Mercedes-Benz quick-release fitting with opening clip makes this process particularly easy to carry out within seconds. That means you can be confident of always having a clear view when you really need it. And because it's not just important to see but also to be seen, Mercedes-Benz genuine light bulbs in the headlamps help further enhance safety.

        Mercedes-Benz | Genuine Parts - Wiper
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    Repair and Warranty

    Repair and Warranty.

    Repair and Warranty

    Repair and Warranty.

    In the best hands.

    Mercedes-Benz Repair and Warranty

    In the best hands.

    The decision to purchase a Mercedes-Benz is always a decision in favour of safety and quality. The most cutting-edge high-strength materials, complex body structures made of steel and aluminium, and the networked vehicle electronics in the active and passive safety systems require not only knowledge of the correct procedures for repair but also the proper workshop equipment. Don't leave your safety to chance – leave it instead to the specialists from Mercedes-Benz.