Its Load Volume has Weight: The Vito Panel Van

Mercedes-Benz Vito Panel Van Load Capacity - Load Compartment Size and Maximum Payload

The Vito Panel Van – Eagerly Awaiting Your Next Task.

The Vito Panel Van takes a lot in its stride without being swept "off its feet" It is quite the professional for demanding tasks and exceptionally suited to represent your business. Its speciality is loading cargo. But it can still take plenty more on board when others have had more than they can manage. 

With a load compartment length of up to 3061 mm and a maximum load volume of 6.6 cbm, the Vito Panel Van can transport 1064 kg in its load compartment, and – with load uprating to a perm. GVW of 3.2 t - as much as 1369 kg (with rear-wheel drive). However, mass is not everything: Thanks to its wide loading apertures and low loading sill it is easy to load.

With the optional sliding left-hand door there are three accesses available, through which up to three Euro-pallets can be loaded. The anchoring rails on the load compartment floor and the lashing rails on the load compartment sidewalls offer flexible and safe ways to secure the load.

  • A maximum load surface of 3.97 sqm for the compact version, 4.38 sqm for the long version and 4.76 sqm for the extra-long version
  • A maximum load length of 2586 mm for the compact version, 2831 mm for the long version and 3061 mm for the extra-long version
  • A payload of up to 1314 kg for vehicles with front-wheel drive
  • Room for up to three Euro-palettes in the long and extra-long versions, loading possible through rear and through sliding door, a second sliding door on the left-hand side is also optionally available
  • Full-width bulkhead at B-pillar (optional) – also available with a fixed-installation window
  • Load compartment floor with tie-down eyelets for load securing
  • Additional loading space for especially long objects is offered by the through-loading capability of the driver and co-driver seats
  • The double-wing rear doors can be opened optionally as far as the vehicle sidewall and held in place to make loading and unloading easier


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