Technical data

Chassis variants

The new Zetros is available in a two-axle version, the Zetros 1833 A 4x4, with a 4800 mm wheelbase, and a three-axle version, the Zetros 2733 A 6x6, with a wheelbase of 4750 mm + 1450 mm. Chassis weights are 8.1 t and 10.5 t, respectively, with permissible gross vehicle weights of 16/18 t and 25/27 t, respectively. The standard platform reaches a length of 5.1 m (2-axle version), or 6.2 m (3-axle); other vehicle dimensions can be provided on request.

This way, the Zetros offers a great variety of superstructure and special body variants, and thus consistently complements the Mercedes-Benz truck program, which has proven itself all over the world.