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FleetBoard® for modern vehicle management

FleetBoard®*, the telematics-based solution from Mercedes-Benz, offers numerous possibilities to organise vehicle and logistics management more efficiently and can play a major part in helping to reduce fuel consumption. As well as allowing optimum route and tour planning, FleetBoard® can be used to conduct extensive operational and fuel-consumption analyses. In addition, FleetBoard® permits different routes to be compared with respect to certain parameters such as fuel consumption and operational difficulty. This makes it possible to see which drivers use a particularly economical style of driving and which drivers can benefit from training to achieve a more efficient driving style. This way FleetBoard® driving analysis offers a very good basis for an objective, performance-related bonus system that allows every driver the opportunity to improve his style of driving.

Efficient as never before.
The telematics-based internet service offers a host of further possibilities for more economically-efficient transport: this includes, for instance, permanent information exchange between vehicle and central unit. DispoPilot and the optional navigation mean the driver is always accessible and can receive, acknowledge and report delivery of orders without using the telephone. And what’s more: all vehicle data concerning maintenance and wear analysis can be accessed at the touch of a button. This contributes towards optimising the scope of maintenance, as the necessary maintenance work can be coordinated and scheduled in good time.

* provided by FleetBoard GmbH

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