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Vehicle technology that you can get excited about. And which protects your resources at the same time

Comfort is paramount in the Actros: perfectly equipped cabs and many practical details speak for themselves. These include a few new features which make the hard work in international long-distance transport and in heavy-duty use on construction sites more pleasant. For example the new standard-fit one-touch indicator function or the new battery status indicator which informs the driver of the battery charge level and startability. And the optional rain and light sensor improves visibility to make working easier. One particularly innovative example of more safety is the new Active Brake Assist 2* which can now also react to stationary obstacles it detects such as the end of traffic jams. Lower fuel economy is provided by the two-stage water pump which will be available from May 2011 for all Actros trucks with V6 engines. Another new development is the improved ex factory range available for demountable platform vehicles.

* from 12/2010 available as an option for the Actros in conjunction with the Telligent® proximity control

The 2011 "Generations" commercial vehicle calendar

"When I grow up, I want to be a hero of the road" – this is still the hope of many young boys and girls today. This year’s calendar therefore not only profiles proud parents, who as drivers give it their all on a daily basis to make the impossible possible, but also their children who are already dreaming of setting out on the road when they grow up. Photographer Martin Schöller has captured the emotions of these two generations in twelve authentic black-and-white images: the irrepressible pride of the parents, and the admiration of the children. And also the joint fascination for the commercial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, which can be relied on from day to day, month to month and generation to generation. As last year, the 2011 commercial vehicle calendar is also available in screensaver format for PC or Mac. You can download the calendar via the download link in the list of links.

Actros Limited Edition Black Liner und White Liner

A further highlight to join the raft of new products and features: the exclusive Actros Limited Edition Black Liner und White Liner. Available in a limited edition of 500 vehicles, it sets standards in truck production. Actros lovers get a fascinating truck with the exciting features of a powerful design and wide range of optional extras and which also delivers top performance in regard to comfort, economy and safety.

BlueTecEco. Save fuel. Help protect the environment

And because every drop is precious, we at Mercedes-Benz have put together a package of measures to increase economy and sustainability in equal measures: BlueTecEco. It contains vehicle technology that makes our trucks particularly efficient; as well as seminars, training and advice that will benefit both your bank balance and the environment.