Meeting every challenge

The new Atego and new Axor in short-radius distribution

The new Atego and the new Axor offer the perfect package for coping masterfully with all the challenges of short-radius distribution. Low costs throughout their service lives, a high payload and reliability, for example. Not to mention agility, ride comfort and safety. And all this as of right now with a new face and many new, application-oriented details which further enhance working and driving comfort. In short, the new Atego and new Axor model series cover virtually the entire plethora of short-radius distribution applications between them. The new Atego from 6.5 to 16 t is the light-duty specialist; the new Axor from 18 t upwards is the ideal choice for heavy-duty short-radius distribution. Read on and see for yourself.

Trucks you can trust

Mercedes-Benz Trucks brand special

The Econic semitrailer tractor with gas drive is also suitable for operation during the night or in the early morning for city logistics, plant distribution and short-radius operations.