Excellent driving comfort and high driving stability – the suspension of the new Atego

Three types of suspension

The suspension systems for the new Atego meet all requirements. Deploying steel or steel/air suspensions, the new Atego delivers the right solution for your transport applications in the subsidiary construction sector. Standard equipment for the new Atego includes maintenance-free parabolic springs and front-axle stabilisers. Tipper trucks and AWD vehicles are also equipped with rear axle stabilisers. Tipper trucks and vehicles with a crane which negotiate high one-sided loads can also be fitted with optional reinforced stabilisers if these are not already part of standard specification.

The new Atego is available with a steel-sprung or air-sprung rear axle. In combination with parabolic springs and maintenance-free rubber molecular bearings, this ensures outstanding suspension and ride comfort – even on unsurfaced roads.