Winter events at the Mercedes-Benz Museum
Dates and events

Program of events 26.11.2011-18.03.2012

Learn to cook with the professionals – cookery courses

Mercedes-Benz Night of the Stars


The fascinating qualities of the Mercedes-Benz SL

Dates Event
26.11.11-18.12.11 Stamp exhibition "Welt Bewegung" ("World in Motion – 125 Years of the Automobile")
Supporting programme on 03.12.11, 10.12.11, 17.12.11 from 14.00-17.00 includes guided tour of the exhibition and advisory service
01.02.12 and 07.03.12
"Social Media Nights" Stuttgart
10.01.12 to 29.01.12 "Genius Workshops" organised by the young Daimler "Knowledge Community"
12.01.12, 20.01.12, 27.01.12 and 10.02.12 Cookery courses, Learn how to cook with the professionals
24.01.12-02.09.12 Special exhibition "Timeless – 60 Years of the Mercedes-Benz SL"
04.02.12 "Haydn Fun" Concert at the Mercedes-Benz Service Centre in Stuttgart
17.03.12 "Long Night of the Museums"

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